Construction project exclusive airbags


Product Introduction

Construction project exclusive airbags are used for the huge&heavy structure, concrete caissions lifting and moving. Heavy lifing and transportation relying on construction project exclusive airbag is cost effective and flexible. Construction project exclusive airbags will provide you with a unique capability of land transportation very large vessels, heavy loads, or heavy construction over ground where terrain would otherwise prevent such an construction operation.

Features of construction project exclusive airbag:

High pressure

Special synthetic-tire-cord reinforcement make airbags stronger with high working pressure.

High lifting capacity

One piece bag can lift heavy structures ranging form 70 tons to 1,000 tons in weight. Normally, caissons up to 5,000 tons or cofferdams up to 2,000 tons can be lift by our airbag heavy lifting system.

Steady roll movements

When airbags are taking the load, they can roll steadily with large contact area and less reaction force to secure a smooth transportation and relocation.

Easy to operation and cost effective

Only compacted ground and minimum facilities such as trolleys are needed. Meanwhile, construction project exclusive airbags are easy to install as the deflated airbags are very fat and small to be placed under vessel's hull.

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