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Qingdao Huanghai Marine Airbag Fender Manufacture Co.,ltd, established in 1995, is located in the sailing city Qingdao, a coastal city with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and convenient transportation.

A new generation marine airbags with high tech have been developed after our technicians’ many trials and careful researches, which is Huanghai Brand high-strength spiral knitting winding dual-use marine airbag series. Three kinds of new products have gained National Patents, namely, MLG-T Model (spiral knitting winding plane airbag), MLG-V Model (airbag with fluted protective layer ) and MLG-H Model (airbags with steel wire layer). For the high-strength MLG-V Model airbag, the interior structure is made of nylon cord and the outer layer is added fluted protective layer, which means MLG-V Model airbag is not only suitable for the flat boat launching or landing but also better for the sharp bottom ships. The outer protective layer added to the airbag greatly improved the cushion performance and solved the problems of common airbags easily being cut by the sharp hull bottom. MLG-V Model series have been exclusively manufactured by our company in china. High-strength spiral knitting winding dual-use marine airbags are widely used in all sized various ships for launching or landing, like seagoing vessels, passenger liner, tugboat, cargo ship, barge, ferry boat etc. The marine airbags are also used in giant ship up and down the water project, wreck salvage, ship stranded rescue, and at the same time for large objects handling, water oil transport, aircraft forced landing and other projects. The usage of marine rubber rollers overcomes the shortcomings of fixed water slide when build or repair the ships. The marine airbags have many advantages, like less investment, flexible, safe and reliable, easy for storage, economical and practical. The products have passed the ISO9001:2008 (International Quality Management System Certification).

Huanghai Brand inflatable nylon rubber mandrel airbag is widely used in construction industry. In the construction of large-scale reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, highways and railway tunnels, there are columnar holes with different size and specification inside, so the specific sized mandrel airbag could be used accordingly in the process. Mandrel airbag could be inflated for using.

Huanghai Brand pneumatic fenders serve as protective medium against collision during ship to ship contact and ship to berthing. They are ideal ship protection medium used extensively for large tankers, LPG vessels, ocean platforms, large docks, harbors and wharfs. Huanghai Brand pneumatic fenders mainly include common fender with fixed inner bag and innovative fender with flexible inner bag. The pneumatic fenders are made with unique technology. The flexible inner bag in the pneumatic fender could be pulled out for repair, maintenance and replacement. This is an advanced technology in this line.

Moreover, Huanghai Brand rubber special type fender could be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Huanghai Brand Polyurethane solid fender (EVA), Cylindrical multi-purpose buoy and Navigational marker buoy , is a floating fender series with the use of lightweight high-elastic EVA as buffer medium. The polyurethane fender (EVA fender, foam filled fender ) is widely used in ports, offshore sea, ship navigation, ship to ship operations.The products are made of environmentally friendly materials and new polymer materials with adjustable high elastic modulus. The high strength, high elasticity, high adhesion and maximum penetration resistance and excellent aging resistance of the excellent materials can finally achieve the life expectancy and economic value of the design itself..

Our company annually make constant update and improvement on the production, and now has its own developed professional production lines. The product quality and service is leading in both domestic and foreign markets. And the products have been exported to worldwide countries and regions. Our company has consistently adhered to "quality of survival, innovation and development, integrity management" , using the quality to open up the market, benefiting from the management and regarding customers’ satisfaction as our highest requirements. 

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