• MLG-T Plane type Airbags

    Ship launching/landing airbag, a long cylindrical roller bags with hemispherical heads at both ends, is generally considered to be innovative technology with utmost bright prospect in shipbuilding. Comparing with traditional ship-launching methods such as side-way launching

  • MLG-V Airbag

    MLG-V type airbag is specially designed for ship launching sharp-bottomed vessels. Another square protective fluted rubber layer is wrapped around the middle part of the cylindrical airbag. It can effectively protect airbags from being cut by the sharp keel hull of the ship

  • MLG-H type all steel weaved airbag

    The structure and process is similar with MLG-Ttype. their diffrence is, for the former, the cord fabric is made by stainless steel wire with high anti-pressure ability and tensile strength. This greatly improved the anti-compression ability and air-tightness of the airbag

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