Polyurethane Fender


Product Introduction

Polyurethane fender is a compression fender, also known as EVA foam filled fender, the outer protective layer is mainly made of polyurea material and the internal use polyurethane foam or plastic foam as a buffer medium. Polyurethane fender has better physical characteristics than PVC fender, it is durable, has strong absorption capacity and low reaction force. In using, it could absorb and scatter the impact of ship energy through its compression deformation to achieve the protection of the terminal and the ship.


High energy absorption with relatively low reaction force. Compared to pneumatic rubber fender, foam filled fender could absorb more energy.

Foam filled fenders can be used in any tough conditions, providing tough, heavy-duty protection for ship to ship, ship to dock, ship berthing and mooring application.

Easy maintenance. As the internal construction consists of a solid foam core, if a little damaged, just need to fill some foam to repair it.

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