MLG-T Plane type Airbags


Product Introduction

Ship launching/landing airbag, a long cylindrical roller bags with hemispherical heads at both ends, is generally considered to be innovative technology with utmost bright prospect in shipbuilding. Comparing with traditional ship-launching methods such as side-way launching.this one requires less permanent infrastructure and lower cost.

Ship launching/landing airbags are ideal for supporting the hull of ships and providing a safer and smoother ship launching motion into water. They are normally used for tankers, tugboats, towboat, barges, cargo ship, ferries, seagoing vessels, passenger ships, AHTS, DSV and other special vessels up to 100,000 DWT.

Manufacturing technology

The new generation ship launching/landing airbag is made by holistic screw enlacing technology. Airbag made by this technology has more bearing capacity than traditional “connecting” type. Air leakage points are checked during the whole making process to ensure airtightness.

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